5000 Hours of Play

In 2019, Jump Up Outdoors aims to get Brisbane kids playing outside for a total of 5000 hours. That’s 5000 hours not on electronic devices…5000 hours of fun…5000 hours of healthy development. C’mon kids, let’s Jump Up & get outdoors!

Once you’ve established your loose parts playground, you’ll start to realise the many, varied benefits for the children in your care. The following training programs aim to help you maximise these benefits at a service level and for individual children.

Each session runs for two hours and topics include:

  • Multi-age Play
  • Rough and Tumble Play
  • Behaviour management through engagement
  • Benefits of Loose Parts Play
  • Pilgrimage to Play

Face to face staff professional development sessions (2hrs) - $700

Jump Up Outdoors works collaboratively with The Outsiders: Play Advocates to provide Advanced Training Modules. You can book a session via the The Outsiders: Play Advocates website.