woman looking at her phone with the text "Are your children copying your device use?"

Are Your Children Copying You?

Remember when there was a time that we only ever touched our mobile phones to make or receive phone calls?

Now think back to yesterday. Could you even begin to count the number of times that you touched your phone? Phone calls, text messaging, emailing, checking your social media accounts and perhaps news websites or a bit of Googling. Each action takes time and the time our phones are in our hands adds up.

While we are busy stressing about the time our children spend on their devices, they are busy watching us. Have you ever been using your phone only to suddenly realise that one of your children is standing directly in front you talking and you haven’t heard a word? It is important to help our children achieve balance in their lives when it comes to their technology use. One way to manage this is by putting routines in place. Family Zone does this and much, much more helping to take pressure of parents.

I have some very exciting news to share with you in the near future so keep an eye out! And remember – your kids are watching you……….