How many of you have played ‘find the charger’? Or have you tried cooking dinner with multiple devices plugged in on the kitchen bench? Who has had to lend their charger to another family member who has misplaced theirs, only to find that your own device is going flat? We have all been there. Common Charging Problems in Most Homes The WiFi has been turned off for the night and devices have been left scattered around the lounge room. The […]

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When I was growing up, I didn’t have any contact with computers until my high school years. We didn’t have one at home until my late teens. Photo sharing and instant messaging didn’t exist yet. Fast forward to today and there is a barely a day that goes by where my children are not on an internet enabled device! For now, they aren’t old enough to have social media accounts but that time isn’t too far off. Even so, we […]

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How long will it be before your child stumbles across something inappropriate while they are online? Sadly, children don’t even need to go looking for trouble these days – it can pop up right in front them after clicking on what appears to be an innocent web link. What if there was a way to help protect them? Introducing Family Zone Family Zone is a cyber-safety solution that is both effective at filtering content and managing children’s online screen time […]

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What is a Web Filter? A web filter is a program that decides whether a website should be allowed through your internet connection based on the rules that have been set up by the account holder. Why use a Web Filter? A web filter allows the account user to select categories they wish to be blocked when using their internet connection. Normally, a web filtering program will allow you to specifically list websites that you would like to block or […]

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