Here they are … the long awaited summer holidays. A time to rest, replenish and revive our minds, bodies and souls. Everyone I talk to, adult or child alike, say that this has been a fast and very busy year. Many are saying it has been an unprecedented year in terms of demands on time, busyness and stress. In the past, it was reasonably common for adults to say that time speeds up, the older they get. But children talking […]

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Many of us are eagerly counting the days until the long summer holidays. Longer days, great weather, trips to the beach, summer fruit and Christmas and New Years celebrations are certainly something to look forward to. However with Australian children having up to fifty-six days break from school, all us parents know there is a dark underbelly of the long summer holidays – the inevitable cry of “I’m boooooooored!” These two words can make us nervous, have us frantically googling […]

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When we are at school, holding and controlling a pencil to write words and sentences is the most complex motor task we will have to learn. Learning to use a relaxed, efficient pencil grip can make the world of difference in the amount and quality of writing, not to mention the comfort of the person writing. So let’s look at some of the questions parents commonly ask about pencil grips, along with my top tips for improving your child’s grip. […]

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If you’ve read my previous blogs or visited our Jump Up Outdoors program then you know I am a big fan of children playing with sticks. Today I’d like to focus on a different type of sticks to the ones I usually mention… pick up sticks. As a paediatric Occupational Therapist, I am ashamed to say that two of my three children only played pick up sticks for the first time this last weekend…what have I been doing the last […]

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I remember as a child in primary school, one of my favourite forms of writing was to write “The day in the life of a…..” stories. I authored many a classic tale, such as “A Day in the Life of a Coin” or “A Day in the Life of a Shoe.” So today, it brings a smile to my face to be reigniting the “Day in the Life of…” series! I bring you, ladies and gentleman… “A day in the […]

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