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Junior Rangers

Outdoors - Play - Movement

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Junior Rangers

This group is designed and run by our allied health team with a focus on supporting healthy development through being outdoors, playing and moving. When playing and moving in our expansive natural space, our Junior Rangers cannot help but develop a whole range of skills including motor skills, social skills, emotional regulation and self-care.


Each week we will play in our outdoor loose parts playground. We can’t tell you what the adventures will look like, because we will follow the interests of the children. What we can guarantee is that we will have fun, get messy, and we will be building the foundations for a healthy and happy childhood.

By coming along to this playgroup you will:

  • Increase your knowledge of what background skills or ‘infrastructure’ young children need in order to increase their sense of success and independence as they develop

  • Develop skills and confidence to choose activities at home to promote healthy development

  • Meet other families with children the same age

  • Increase your child’s familiarity and comfort with messy, outdoor play

Cost: $240 for 8 sessions - Full Payment due by Tuesday 4th July 2023

  • Where: Jump Up For Kids clinic, Attunga St, Bald Hills

  • Date: Fridays starting 21st July - 8th September

  • When: 9.30 - 11.00am

  • Who: Children aged 2-5 years who are walking and haven’t started school yet (parents stay during the group)

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