Emotional resilience, grit and persistence are some of the key factors for a child to navigate their world successfully.
Challenges and overcoming them are effective strategies to really build the kind of day-to-day tenacity we want to see in our children.
Nature challenges our children in a way that genuinely engages them.
Climbing a rope ladder when they think they can’t – that’s an exercise in self-belief and tenacity.
Building a raft with mates and seeing if it floats – that’s an exercise in team work and exploration. 

A boy and a girl smiling while playing mud in a big green tub

How to start an Outdoor Play Revolution.

1. Carefully plan outdoor play environments 

2. Curate outdoor challenges for the children to find and explore – challenges that foster self-confidence, problem solving, grit and tenacity 

3. Just add kids (and preferably water – mud is SO much fun)

That can often be easier said than done. That’s where we come in. We are the original outdoor play revolutionaries, and we are here to get your children outside, exploring, making genuine connections with themselves, each other and with nature. 

There is constant competition for a child’s attention. School, friends, socials, screens, advertising, noise. There is so much noise in a child’s life. 

Outdoors is where a child gets to deeply understand the benefits of slowing down and believing in themselves. If they can see the power of nature as a place of getting messy and successful exploration when they’re young, they have a stress relief tool for the rest of their lives.

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School Holiday Program

Join us in our school holiday program on the banks of the Pine River, where children mount mud ball battles, hunt for turtles, build dams and are the masters of their universe.