Welcome to the outdoor play revolution.
We believe in the power of nature play.

The great outdoors and adventure are some of the most effective ways to connect with a child.
Every idea has been carefully considered by our Occupational Therapists and it passes our first rule of thumb – is it fun? 
Our entire philosophy is creating engaging and meaningful moments for your child. Therapy craftily disguised as epic fun.
We also deeply understand this – parenting can be hard. Our ideas and advice take this fact into account. 

Our ideas need to be fun. Activities your child WANTS to do are easier for you too.
Working with tools you will more than likely already have around the house. Creating safe emotional spaces for your family, toileting advice, handwriting activities, preparing for Prep, and so much more.
We have been collecting and collating our ideas for years. What they all have in common is an understanding that you don’t want to turn your life upside down, but you DO want some food for thought and some guidance. Perhaps you’re seeking some comfort that you’re not alone and some ideas to help make life a little easier, more connected and filled with fun.
Helping your child unearth strengths and strategies, our ideas help build your child’s self-confidence. They often help build your parenting confidence too.

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