School Holiday Program
Terms and Conditions

I hereby agree that, by registering my child (“the Participant”) as a participant at a Jump Up for Kids Outdoors Program (“the Outdoors Program”), I acknowledge and agree that:

  1. “Jump Up For Kids” means Jump Up Enterprises Pty Ltd ACN 619 586 908 ATF the Trustee for Brewhaha Trust trading as Jump Up For Kids and its officers, servants or agents responsible for conducting the Jump Up For Kids School Holiday Program Program for which I am registering.

  2. Agreement to Terms and Conditions: On submission of this registration with payment in full, the Participant will be permitted to attend the Outdoors Program for which I am registering subject to compliance with the terms and conditions of the Outdoors Program, this declaration and any reasonable direction issued by Jump Up For Kids.

  3. Cancellation Policy: As we have limited spaces available for the Outdoors Programs, we will charge a $50 cancellation fee for any cancellations notified in writing prior to 7 days before the start of the Outdoors Program for which you are registering. No refunds will be given for any cancellations notified after 7 days before the start of the Outdoors Program for which you are registering. We reserve the right to cancel any Outdoors Adventure in circumstances where a minimum registration of 10 participants for each program is not reached. In that circumstance, a full refund for the entire registration fee will be provided to you.

  4. What Participants Must Bring: Participants must bring their own mosquito repellent, torch or headlight and water bottle.

  5. What Participants Must Wear: Participants are required to wear warm clothing. As the participants will get dirty, wet and muddy, they are also required to bring a backpack with 1-2 sets of spare clothes, a spare pair of shoes, a towel and plastic bags for wet clothes. For the comfort of the Participant, I agree to ensure he/she comes prepared with spare clothes that can be managed independently (for instance: no fasteners they need help with and no shoelaces if they cannot tie their shoes).

  6. Fitness to Participate: I declare that the Participant is and must continue to be medically and physically fit and able to participate in the Outdoors Program for which I am registering. Should the Participant suffer from an allergy and/or require medication for a pre-existing condition I shall fully declare all necessary details to Jump Up for Kids. I will immediately notify Jump Up For Kids in writing of any change to the Participant’s fitness and ability to participate.

  7. Illness: On lodging this registration, I understand that Jump Up For Kids is unable to care for children who are sick or who have a contagious condition. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to provide alternative care arrangements if the Participant I am registering for is sick, generally unwell, has a contagious condition or is deemed by Jump Up For Kids to be unable to participate during the Jump Up For Kids School Holiday Program Program for which I am registering.

  8. Participant Conduct: The Participant must not be a danger to himself/herself or to the health and safety of others. Jump Up For Kids reserves the right, by the exercise of its absolute discretion, to cancel the registration without refund and exclude further participation in the Outdoors Program of any participant who breaches this requirement or any other reasonable conduct requirement.

  9. Prevailing Conditions: The Outdoors Programs are conducted outside and in a natural environment. From time to time, the Outdoors Programs and the conduct of and participation in the Outdoors Programs will be affected by weather and associated conditions. Given that the prevailing weather conditions are unpredictable, I acknowledge and agree that Jump Up For Kids cannot control the weather and associated conditions. The safety the participants is paramount to us. In case of thunderstorm or other extreme weather events, you may be required to collect the participant you are registering for earlier than the designated pick up time.

  10. Late Pick Up: Jump Up For Kids will charge a late pick up fee of $1.00 per minute after the designated finish time. Failure to pay the late pickup fee on the day will result in immediate cancellation of the participant’s registration and forfeiture of the remaining balance of the registration fee.

  11. Inherent Risks: Participation in the Outdoors Program involves risks of harm or injury to participants including, but not limited to, over-exertion, dehydration, equipment failure, weather conditions and accidents and such risks may result in the participant being personally injured or his/her property being damaged. I have voluntarily read and understood this warning and accept and assume (on behalf of the participant) the inherent risks associated with participation in the Outdoors Programs.

  12. First Aid and Medical Treatment: If required, Jump Up For Kids may provide first aid to participants of the Outdoors Program and will arrange any necessary medical or hospital treatment (including ambulance transportation). I authorize and give permission for such actions being taken by Jump Up For Kids where my further consent cannot be obtained and agree to meet all costs associated with such action.

  13. Exclusion of Liability: Except where provided or required by law and such cannot be excluded, I agree that it is a condition of the registration of any participant in any Outdoors Program, that Jump Up For Kids is absolved from all liability for direct, indirect and consequential losses however arising from injury, harm or damage howsoever caused (whether fatal or otherwise) arising out of participation by the registrant at the Outdoors Program I am registering for.

  14. Photography and Videos: I acknowledge and consent to photographs and videos being taken of the participant for which I am registering during his/her participation in the Jump Up For Kids School Holiday Program Program and authorise Jump Up For Kids to use such photographs and videos for promotional or other Jump Up For Kids School Holiday Program development and marketing purposes without my further consent being obtained. Further, I consent to Jump Up For Kids using the participant’s image, likeness and participation in the Outdoors Program activities, at any time, to promote Jump Up For Kids in any form of media.

  15. Access to Information: I understand that I will be able to access information of the Participant by written request submitted to Jump Up for Kids.

  16. Privacy: I understand that the information I have provided is necessary for the conduct and operation of the Outdoors Program. I acknowledge and agree that the information provided will only be used by Jump Up For Kids to facilitate the conduct and operation of the Outdoors Programs.

  17. Use of Personal Information: I acknowledge that Jump Up For Kids may also use my personal information and that of the Participant in accordance with the Jump Up For Kids Privacy Policy. I may advise Jump Up For Kids if I and/or the Participant does not wish to receive information from Jump Up for Kids.

  18. Applicable Law: This agreement shall be governed in all respects by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Queensland.

  19. Parental/Legal Guardian Warranty: I warrant that I am the parent or legal guardian of the Participant and, in that capacity, I expressly agree to be responsible for the Participant’s behaviour and agree to personally accept the conditions set out above.