School Holidays

Outdoor Program

Would you like your child to experience
a true outdoor play school holiday program?

Are you keen for your child to develop their imagination,
curiosity and love of being outdoors?


Joining in with Jump Up for Kids will give your child a new sense of freedom to explore, create and imagine. Grab a school friend and come ready to have fun. Come for one day, ½ day or every day – the choice is yours.

Designed by Madeline Avci an Occupational Therapist specialising in child and youth development, the Jump Up for Kids Outdoor Program challenges, encourages, and entices children to use all the senses and learn new skills in a fun (and messy) way.

Children will spend all day playing outdoors, taking considered risks, having fun, experiencing new sensations and working together to achieve small tasks (such as building a cubbyhouse). They leave at the end of the day feeling accomplished, with heaps of stories of their very own adventures and usually ready for an early bedtime.

Best of all, the Jump Up Kids never even think to ask for some screentime!!

If this sounds like an ideal day or multi-day program for your child this School Holidays,  check out
the information below and then simply, book online or call us.

The School Holidays Outdoor Program is held on selected dates during Queensland school holidays.  We are Brisbane-based.

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Cubbyhouse building
  • Mud and water play
  • Exploring the surrounding bushland and Pine River
  • Rope climbing & knot tying
  • Cooking by the campfire
  • Using tools to build
  • Long bike rides

All primary school children (Prep to Year 6) are welcome to join in and have fun.

The program is held on grounds adjacent to the Pine River behind St Paul’s School, Bald Hills in northern Brisbane. There is a dedicated drop off and pick up zone off Attunga Street, Bald Hills at the back of St Paul’s School. This program is independent and not affiliated with St Paul’s School, or any other educational program.

  • Full day sessions (8am to 4pm) is $80 inc GST per child (minimum attendance time 9am to 3pm)
  • Morning sessions (8am to 12pm) is $45 inc GST per child (minimum attendance time 9am to 12pm)

We will be outdoors all day and whilst there are many areas of shade available, it is essential that children wear sun safe clothing always.

When attending a Jump Up Outdoors program, children must wear:

  • Sun protective clothing that covers as much of the skin as possible
  • Sunscreen
  • A hat that protects face, head, neck and ears (no caps)
  • Closed toe shoes with socks
  • Sunglasses are also recommended
  • Please cover all open wounds with plaster
  • Morning, lunch and afternoon tea (outdoor play makes children hungry!) in an insulated container with cold blocks
  • A large filled water bottle
  • Sunscreen (30+ water resistant)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hat (wide brimmed)
  • Two spare pairs of clothes that your child can dress themselves (Please only pack items that can get wet and muddy!)
  • A spare pair of shoes and socks
  • A towel
  • 2 plastic bags for wet clothes
  • OPTIONAL bike and bike helmet
  • Please do not bring electronic devices of any kind


On rainy days, your child may wish to bring:

  • Rain coat
  • Gum boots
  • Umbrella

To limit any lost property:

  • Please label all items with your child’s name

If your child requires medication to be administered throughout the day, you must complete a Medication Form indicating how and when it is to be administered. You must also give all medication to a staff member for safe storage. Under no circumstances are children to have medication in their bags or on their person.

Upon your arrival, please sign in at the Registration desk. Once the children have been signed in and said goodbye to whomever dropped them off, they can head down the hill to the main Jump Up Outdoors play area with the official Jump Up Outdoors carer.

Pick up, please come to the Registration desk when you arrive to collect your child. If no one is at the desk, there will be a walkie talkie on the table that you can use to let us know you’ve arrived. When you collect your child, please ensure they have all belongings with them.

You must sign out at the Registration desk before leaving. Prompt pick up at 4.00pm is required. Please note there is a $1/minute late pick up fee. In case you require someone other than those listed on the Registration form to collect your child, you must give us permission by telephone for an alternative person to pick up your child. In that event, we ask you to provide us with the name and description of the alternative person and that person will be required to provide us with proof of their identity before we are able to release your child to that person. At Jump Up for Kids we take safety seriously.

At Jump Up for Kids we take safety seriously.

Make that booking for your child

and give them a memorable school holiday experience.

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