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Occupational Therapy

Different than the rest

Outdoor Occupational Therapy

Our unique outdoor OT clinic will light a fire of creativity and enthusiasm in your child. Nature holds endless opportunities for healthy development through the type of joyful play that is impossible in a clinic room

Child Champions

We spend many hours putting ourselves in your child’s shoes. What makes them tick? What ignites them? What lights them up with joy?


Practical skill building in nature versus building blocks and pipe cleaner weaving at a table? Hands down, outside building a raft or climbing a tree is where your child wants to be. So that’s where we do our therapy.

We build self-confidence by giving your child the opportunity to achieve things in nature they never 

thought possible.

Your child discovers skills they are uniquely good at. They unearth strengths. We work with them to develop the day to day skills required at school and at home. Outdoor, tree climbing, raft making, mud pie baking kids are happy kids. We can’t promise that your child won’t get messy, in fact we hope that they get really mucky.


When is the best time to see an OT?

The best time to see an OT is when you feel something is a little off. You may have had a teacher make an observation or you may be wondering why your child behaves differently to their sibling or friend.

Sensory Processing

your child may overreact to sound, need to move a lot or need to touch everything.

Fine Motor Activities

perhaps your child is having a tricky time tying their shoelaces, holding a pencil or opening packets.

Managing routines and changes at school or home

your child may be experiencing anxiety or adjustment related issues


your child may tire quickly, or use large letters, have an awkward pencil grip or poor handwriting

Gross Motor Activities

Your child may find coordination tricky, have awkward body movements or balance

Visual Perception

your child may find it difficult to recognize different shapes or find an object in a busy background

Mudsplat white.png

Connection between nature and stress

It’s long been understood that the stress relief benefit of being in nature is almost immediate. Nature reduces anger, fear and stress. The lives of our children are becoming impossibly busy. Between school, sports, family work commitments and therapy appointments their little brains aren’t getting enough time to rest and develop. 

We act as a pressure valve for your child’s life stressors. Our skilled Occupational Therapists use child led play in our carefully curated outdoor environment to give them the slow down AND the therapy they need.

Outdoor therapy is something our families cherish. They look forward to it. That is important to us. 


Join the Jump Up For Kids Therapy Programs

To join Jump Up For Kids Occupational Therapy program, please follow this link to submit your application. We will be in touch shortly.


Jump Up's holiday program - something for everyone

The Jump Up holiday program is where your children become outdoor play revolutionaries. and get to have the experience of your childhood. Playing outdoors all day, creating, making mess and having fun...can you think of a better way to spend the school holidays?

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