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Occupational Therapy 
What to expect

Our goal is to champion the health and well-being of children by fostering independence in their daily activities. We understand that growing independence in day-to-day tasks is not just practical, but it's the cornerstone of building confidence, and finding meaning and purpose in life.

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Every child is unique, which is why our support is tailored to fit them. Our approach is rooted in getting to know your child, your family and your community. We seek to uncover strengths, concerns, celebrate wins and address needs with care. 


Our hope is that your knowledge and confidence blooms alongside your child's emerging skills and independence, so that you feel more confident navigating each phase of their journey. When the moment is right, we step back, giving your family and child the space to unleash their potential.

Initial Assessments

60 Minute - Initial Parent Consultation

This is an opportunity for parents/carers to meet and have an in-depth discussion with their OT, without children present.

This will allow us to gather a detailed history and identify the goals you would like to work on without your child listening in.

90 Minute - Initial Child Consultation


This is an opportunity to observe your child doing many different things so we can determine what they are confident doing and what they find difficult. We will prepare a detailed report outlining assessment data, clinical reasoning about what is contributing to difficulties, Occupational Therapy goals and a recommended plan.

An initial assessment at Jump Up For Kids is an opportunity for us to get to know your child and family and have an in depth discussion about your child's goals and the right fit therapy program for you.


At Jump Up For Kids, an initial assessment is made up of:

Therapy tailored to your child & family

Our range of therapy programs options, allows us to tailor support just for your child and family. 

Some options Include:

  • Comprehensive OT assessment to develop an in-depth understanding of your child

  • Individual intervention sessions

  • Small group intervention sessions

  • Adventure social skills groups

  • Parent information sessions

  • Parent coaching sessions

  • Kindy/school observations and meetings

  • Collaboration with other healthcare providers

  • Outdoor school holiday play days (open to all children).

Schedule of fees

Clinical Fees - Occupational Therapist

  • Occupational Therapy Assessment -  $1052.74

(including 1 hour parent meeting, 90 min child assessment and report writing)

  • 45 minute INDIVIDUAL follow up support + 20min non face to face support $210.15

  • 1 hour INDIVIDUAL follow up support + 20min non face to face support $258.65

  • 45 minute GROUP follow up support + 10min non face to face support $127.33/child

  • 1 hour GROUP follow up support + 10min non face to face support $162.33/child



Clinical Fees - Allied Health Assistant

  • 1 hour INDIVIDUAL follow up support $86.75

  • 1 hour GROUP follow up support $56.38



  • OT planning and collaboration with AHA will be billed as per clinical fees outlined above

  • Medicare and Private Health Insurance rebates do not apply to AHA item numbers.

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The role of parents and family

At Jump Up For Kids, we understand that parents/caregivers have a significant impact on a child’s development. Therefore, their involvement throughout the therapy process is essential in promoting a child’s progression towards their OT goals.


There are a range of ways that parents will be invited to become key partners in their child’s therapy.


This Includes:
• their child’s OT intervention sessions
• goal setting meetings
• parent coaching sessions
•  parent Information sessions and online learning
• team meetings (with other health and education professionals working with
the child and family).

Allied Health Assistants & your child

Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) may work with your child’s Occupational Therapist as part of the care team at Jump Up For Kids.


Having AHAs as part of the Jump Up team has many and varied benefits for our families.

These include:

  • options for increased therapy,

  • a second therapy partner,

  • another set of eyes,

  • reduced costs

  •  more resources available.


Talk to your OT to find out more  about the AHA role at Jump Up and how it might benefit your family,

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