Outdoor Revolutionaries

Our therapists aren’t afraid of a little dirt. They’re not even afraid of a lot of it. We wear welly boots to work and love it. We achieve SO much more in our outdoor facility than we ever have in a clinic room. Child led therapy by therapists passionate about your child’s success. 

Madeline Avci - Director of Jump Up For Kids

Madeline Avci

Director, Principal Occupational Therapist, Head Mess Maker

Madeline isn’t going to lecture you to get rid of screens entirely, but she’s a big fan of balancing screens and the wild outdoors where your child’s senses are ignited. Something wonderful happens every time your child tries, and succeeds, at something that they thought they couldn’t do in her outdoor sessions. That success is a message to them that they can do SO much more than they think they can. That is the stuff day to day resilience and big-time tenacity is made of.

Kaitlyn Goodwin - Occupational Therapist at Jump Up For Kids

Kaitlyn Goodwin

Occupational Therapist, Outdoor Play Revolutionary

Kaitlyn’s superpower is putting herself in your child’s shoes. She intuits what they are thinking and feeling and has a magical way of connecting with little people. Her approach is support – she supports both you, your child and your family to feel confident and competent. She makes the road joyful as you work together through the day to day challenges of life. 

Jennie Sampson - Occupational Therapist at Jump Up For Kids

Jennie Sampson

Occupational Therapist, Outdoor Play Revolutionary

An extraordinary series of career moves brought Jennie to the Outdoor Play Revolution. Her background as an OT in community services, mental health and specialised paediatric equipment means she’s up for any challenge. She’s enthused to help you find your own ways to thrive at play, home and at school. Jennie is particularly interested in the influence of nature-based play in promoting healthy childhood development.

Lili Taylor - Occupational Therapist at Jump Up For Kids

Lili Taylor

Occupational Therapist, Outdoor Play Revolutionary

Lili has been enjoying the outdoors since before she could walk. Now that she’s an Outdoor Occupational Therapist she has combined two of her favourite things into every work day. That’s why you’ll often find Lili skipping into work, gardening down the hill or working together with Jump Up kids to plan their next exciting outdoor adventure. Lili’s adventurous, outdoors approach to OT is only surpassed by her compassion, kindness and ability to meet children ‘where they are at’.

Polly Norgaard - Practice Manager at Jump Up For Kids

Polly Norgaard

Practice Manager, Master Admin-er

Every business should be lucky enough to have a Polly. Polly is the Master of Health Administration. Polly makes us run smoothy. She’s your go-to for all things administration. She can also give you some mad awesome advice on how to get crayon off walls and possibly hostage negotiation – she’s the Mum of two very adventurous, noisy and very much adored boys.