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Kindy Uplift


Welcome to the Kindy Uplift Support Program 

Dedicated to empowering educators to nurture confident, independent learners!

As your partner in the Kindy Uplift Program, we're committed to enhancing the
educational journey of kindergarten children, and countering the challenges of the
modern world.


Our expertise in child development, woven seamlessly with the nurturing elements
of movement, outdoors, play, and connection, boosts children’s emerging skills and
bolsters their confidence.


Choose from face-to-face, offsite, or online delivery options tailored to your busy
schedules. Plus, once you're back in the classroom, access our quick, easy-to-use
resources for impactful change across your program.


Let's elevate early learning outcomes through evidence-based strategies, resources,
and professional development.


Join us in empowering educators to shape confident, independent learners for a
brighter future!

Thrive and Grow Immersion:


Dive into a 4-hour immersive experience at the Jump Up For Kids outdoor clinic! 

Here's what's in store:

  • Explore vital concepts of healthy development. 

  • Discuss the evolving experience of childhood. 

  • Engage in professional conversations, bridging theory and practice. 

  • Immerse yourself in the rejuvenating benefits of nature.

  • Have a blast, whether it's a billy kart ride, cooking damper on a campfire or more!


This experience is a fusion of professional development, team building, and staff wellness, all in one package. You'll return to work revitalized and ready to spark positive change.


We recommend a minimum of 3 attendees from your service. And, of course, the more, the merrier! We're ready to welcome as many as you can bring along. 


* Also includes  Great Way To Grow card set 

Thrive and Grow Online Booking

Financial Commitment:


Up to 3 people:

Weekday - $1,700

Weekend - $2,300

Additional people:

Weekday - $200

Weekend - $350

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Tue 4 June

Sat 20 July

Tue 27 Aug

Sat 12 Oct

 On the Ground Expertise


Our dynamic team will join you on-site, immersing ourselves in your environment to provide real time insights, ideas and hands-on modeling with the children. 


We are experts in tailoring strategies and programming to meet individual children’s needs within the group. That’s why we’ll visit on two separate days to observe different groups of children and help you customise skills and strategies to support every child effectively.


Following our visit you’ll receive a detailed summary of all shared information, including equipment recommendations. This visit is often the perfect ‘first step’ to contextualize our support for your team’s unique situation.


NB: Follow up visits are available throughout the year to review, revise and extend your skills, knowledge and expertise.

Book 1 visit OR 1 per term

Choose the support you need!


*Also includes Great Way To Grow card set

Financial Commitment

$6,500/2 day visit


Additional travel costs apply

Additional accommodation costs may apply

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 Online Learning

Sandcastle no words.png

Discover practical strategies to champion healthy child development in today's world. With a special focus on children with complex presentations, our accessible modules cover everything from social and emotional skills to sensory processing and more. 


Gain a shared language for child-centric decision-making and programming. Elevate your ability to nurture confident, contributing individuals!"


​* Also includes Great Way To Grow card set


exisiting modules available at a reduced rate.

Financial Commitment

$1250 for initial person, including 'Great Ways To Grow' cards

$750 per person, any additional staff members

Time Commitment:

Approximately 3 hours

10 Modules; around 20 

Great Ways to Grow

Great Ways To Grow  is a comprehensive resource designed for early childhood educators. It offers engaging activities, practical tips and actionable ideas to nurture every aspect of a child’s growth. 


The Great Ways to Grow cards are your go-to tool for nurturing the health and well being of children, with a focus on them developing into confident and contributing humans. Made up of 5 card sets, covering sensory processing, fine motor, sensory motor, social & emotional, and daily living skills, this product provides the right inspiration for any situation.


Whether you read them from cover to cover or grab a specific card, this resource is designed for quick and easy integration into your busy routines.


Not just a tool, “Great Ways to Grow supports educators in turning theory into practice and sustaining positive change over time. It’s a standalone resource and a perfect complement to other training provided by Jump Up For Kids.

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Contact us

To book some professional development for your Kindy or School

07 2113 4046

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