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Something For the Grown Ups

Something for Grown Ups

Something for Grown Ups is a range of talks, online information and community events for you…parents, caregivers, extended family and friends are all welcome.


The Jump Up community is a safe and supportive space filled with people who ‘get’ just how hard raising children can be, especially when there are additional challenges, therapies, pandemics and all the other things that get thrown in along the way.

Jump Up For Kids Something for Grown Ups events provide information, time to stop and reflect, a community that ‘gets it’, a cuppa and sometimes tim-tams.


Our team of Occupational Therapists and Allied Health Assistants, aim to support you on your parenting journey and develop skills and knowledge that work for your family.

Emotional Regulation

Supporting your whole family

The Emotional Regulation Parent Information session is designed to further your understanding of the development of emotional awareness and regulation, the role of adults in supporting this and tips and tricks that aim to make a positive impact on your child’s emotional development.

During this session we will cover topics including:

  • Emotional Regulation and Co-regulation - what are they

  • Meltdowns and Tantrums

  • Tools to calm

Upcoming parent/caregiver information sessions:

  • Wednesday 18th September - 9:00am (Parenting in a digital age session also on this day)


Cost: $75 

Where: Jump Up For Kids Outdoor Clinic, Attunga St, Bald Hills

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Parenting in a Digital Age

Supporting a balanced approach to technology in your home

Come along for a discussion with Madeline Avci, Occupational Therapist to better understand the impact of technology and screen use on developing brains. We will also spend time discussing manageable steps you can take at home to create balance in your child’s life, between screens and all the other things that support healthy development.


We will share tips and ideas to help you approach technology and screen use in an informed, mindful and balanced way

Upcoming parent/caregiver information sessions:​​

  • Wednesday 18th September - 11:00am (Emotional Regulation session also on this day) 

Cost: $75 

Where: Jump Up For Kids Outdoor Clinic, Attunga St, Bald Hills

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