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Welcome to the outdoor play revolution. The most meaningful school holiday activity your child will ever experience. We slow down your child’s life. There’s frantic competition for your child’s time and attention - sports and screens and school commitments.


This is where they get the opportunity to log off and have the childhood that you remember.


School Holiday Activities
Bald Hills

On the banks of the Pine River at Bald Hills, children mount spontaneous mud ball battles, hunt for turtles, build dams and canals and plant a flag on Jump Up Island, announcing themselves masters of their universe.

No clock watching or schedules to keep – Jump Up Kids eat when they’re hungry and let their adventures and imaginations run wild.

Tree climbing, mess making, riding their bikes until they are happily and utterly exhausted.


Outdoor Play and Wellbeing

It has been long understood that spending time outside, in the sun and the wind and sometimes in the rain, is amazing for a person’s mental health.

Outdoor sparks imagination and creativity. It is often an opportunity for your child to attempt things they never dreamt possible.

This is where your child gets to deeply understand the benefits of slowing down in nature and believing in themselves. If they can see the power of self-belief, nature and getting messy when they’re young, they have a tool to find a calm, happy place for the rest of their lives.

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A full day of outdoor play 8am - 4pm

  • Private paying $90

  • NDIS funding $130


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