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Vacation Care Excursions

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An excursion at Jump Up For Kids involves:

  • Child-led loose parts play in an amazing outdoor space

  • Cubby building, playing with mud, a trip to the creek, campfire cooking (winter only), giant slip-n-slide, billy carts, tree climbing, using tools and much much more!

  • Being outdoors all day - rain or shine

  • Play that is fun and fosters healthy development

  • Trained staff onsite to provide support to Educators to feel confident working in an outdoor setting

  • Full risk-benefit assessment and insurance documents are available

  • Designed and supervised by paediatric Occupational Therapist

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Pricing Guide

$20 per child (50+ children)

$30 per child (25-50 children)

$40 per child (less than 25 children)

4 hour excursions 10:00am - 2:00pm

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Did you know?
If you are a small centre, you can join together to keep prices down.

Winter 2024

  • Tue 25th June

  • Wed 26th June

  • Thu 27th June

  • ---

  • Tue 2nd July

  • Wed 3rd July

  • Thu 4th July


Spring 2024

  • Tue 17th Sep

  • Wed 18th Sep

  • Thu 19th Sep

  • ---

  • Tue 24th Sep

  • Wed 25th Sep

  • Thu 26th Sep


Summer 24/25

  • Tue 17th Dec

  • Thu 19th Dec

  • Fri 20th Dec

  • ---

  • Mon 6th Jan

  • Wed 8th Jan

  • Thu 9th Jan

Summer 2025

  • Tue 14th Jan

  • Wed 15th Jan

  • Thu 16th Jan

  • ---

  • Tue 21st Jan

  • Wed 22nd Jan

  • Thu 23rd Jan

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Not sure what to expect?

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Not sure what to expect?

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Not sure what to expect?

For Excursion Bookings ONLY!

Parent Click
HERE for Outdoor Play-days

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Please book under the name of your facility.
When asked for a DOB, please enter 01/01/2020

Please contact reception if you are having any issues.


Are you a parent wanting to book a holiday day for your child?

The Jump Up holiday program is where your children become outdoor play revolutionaries. and get to have the experience of your childhood. Playing outdoors all day, creating, making mess and having fun...can you think of a better way to spend the school holidays?

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