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Jump up therapy

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Supporting the healthy development of children in our busy and complex world

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Contact us if you have concerns about:

  • Sensory processing – overreacts to sounds, needs to move alot, touch almost everything and more

  • Fine motor activities – tying shoelaces, holding pencil or cutlery, can’t open packets and more

  • Managing routines and changes at home or school – anxiety or adjustment related issues and more
  • Handwriting – tires quickly, uses large letters, awkward pencil grip, poor hand writing and more

  • Gross motor activities – difficulties with coordination, body movements and balance and more

  • Visual perception – finding an object in a busy background, recognising different shapes and more

Why Choose Jump Up For Kids


We work together with everyone involved in a child’s care so that everyone is ‘on the same page’

Clinic and school based services available

Choose a venue that suits your family – school, kindy, home, clinic or outdoor services

Child Champions

Supporting the healthy development of all children through play


Jump Up For Kids is the culmination of over twenty years’ experience working with children and families

Benefits of Jump Up Therapy


As children learn skills and feel a sense of increased competence and improvement

Practical skill building

To help children, parents and school staff to navigate routines and new challenges more effectively

Develop Understanding

Of individual strengths and challenges, to help support and expand participation in daily activities

Where the challenges are occurring

We work with you and your child wherever it is most helpful – therapy clinic, home, school

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