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"Is it a Jump Up day today?"

Occupational Therapy and
Outdoor Activities in Brisbane

Occupational therapy and school holiday activities your children look forward to

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Jump Up creates opportunities for healthy development, pushing back against the challenges of our modern era that can hinder growth. Our practice stands on four nurturing elements that are essential for a child to grow and bloom into a confident and contributing human: Movement, Outdoors, Play, Connection.

These nurturing elements are woven into everything we do:

  • Children need to move

  • Children need to play

  • Children need to be outdoors 

  • Children need to connect with others 

At Jump Up, we're not just a health practice, we're your partner in nurturing the vibrant growth of children in our fast-paced world.

We're here to:

  • Offer therapy services

  • Provide invaluable family support

  • Forge a new path in professional growth

  • Cultivate thriving communities

Children and their families love coming here.


Again, and again we hear about children who would dread their occupational therapy sessions now asking "Is it a Jump Up day today?"


We make therapy fun by taking it 'down the hill' and turning it into play. Our occupational therapists help children learn the skills they want and need for their day to day success. We make it SO much fun they want to come back.

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Outdoor Play and Therapy

Outdoor, tree climbing, raft making, mud pie baking kids are happy kids. We can’t promise that your child won’t get messy, in fact we really hope that they get really mucky.

Our unique outdoor clinic will light a fire of creativity and enthusiasm in your child. Nature holds endless opportunities for healthy development through the type of joyful play that is impossible in a clinic room.


Slow down their busy world

The lives of our children are becoming impossibly busy. Between school, sports, family work commitments and therapy appointments their little brains aren’t getting time to rest and develop. We act as a pressure valve for your child’s life stressors. Our skilled Pediatric Occupational Therapists use child led play in our carefully curated outdoor environment to give them the slow down AND the therapy they need.


Join the Outdoor Play Revolution
for every child

Jump Up’s holiday program is where your child gets to have the experience of YOUR childhood. The freedom of riding your bike, taking age appropriate risks and connecting with nature. The Jump Up holiday program is where children become outdoor play revolutionaries.

It takes a village.  Meet our villagers.

It takes a village to raise a child. We genuinely feel as though we are in partnership with you, helping to raise your healthy, happy, confident child.


Therapy your child looks forward to

The Outdoor revolution is ready and waiting

Join the ranks of families who are signing up to the outdoor revolution. We ALL want less screens, less stress, more play and more joy for our children. Jump Up teaches your children how.

Do you want your children to learn, play, and grow with nature?

We work with

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